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By John C. Meyer

Understanding Humor via Communication explores theories of humor foundation in addition to humor services in human teams and societies via verbal exchange. A version of humor determination by way of contributors is particular, by means of humor’s emergence in verbal exchange. components of humor assets (incongruity, superiority, and relief), humor rationale (comic or tragic perspectives), and humor notion (ego-involvement, script wisdom, bona-fide messages, and non-bona-fide messages) are integrated. Persuasive, organizational, and interpersonal settings regarding humor are explored extensive to think about its features. the person option to event humor is exact in its results, as are the social implications of frequent humor wanted and invoked in human society. Understanding Humor via communique will entice students of communique, psychology, and sociology.

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Group cohesiveness also strengthens through identification humor (Graham, Papa, & Brooks, 1992). Through communication reducing uncertainty about others, humor use can lead to compelling identification. When others react to humor similarly, a shared experience occurs that can be remembered and strengthened by later references. ” All who share that experience can be drawn together by 36 Chapter 2 that common experience expressed through humor. Humor puts to use shared scripts that reinforce shared values among communicators through enhancing mutual understanding and laughter together (Meyer, 1997).

If one “comically” can stop worrying even for a few moments about consequences, and entertain and laugh at various alternatives to the current pattern, a better alternative may present itself for one’s return to telic pursuits. Verging on the level of a philosophy of life, one may enact a comic perspective for amusement, refreshment, rejuvenation, or creativity. Perceiving and exploring various pattern violations can enhance one’s ability to deal with life’s events, and find alternative courses of action.

Each individual makes continuing choices as to what is funny (Berger, 1995). What happens that leads one to make a choice to view something as funny? What, in essence, sparks a person to choose the comic mode as opposed to the tragic mode? 43 44 Chapter 3 The comic mode implies a playful situation that makes the emotion of mirth possible. Pleasure is taken in a pattern violation or a relief of some stressor. Contrasting perspectives mesh and humor is perceived.

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